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A Player Profile Video is a visual resume that showcases a player’s skills in a specific sport. It is an essential tool to attract a coach’s attention. Anyone who wants to play a sport in college needs a Player Profile Video.

College recruiting is extremely competitive. It is similar to job hunting. Just as the quality of a resume represents the difference between getting an interview or not; the quality of a Player Profile Video makes the difference between being noticed or not.

CSV has two types of Player Profile Videos. Both profiles include all of the player’s athletic, academic and contact information.

  • Traditional Profile Video. Parents select the plays that best showcase the player’s skills. The price is $300.

  • Premier Profile Video. A nationally licensed coach suggests the skills to showcase and selects the best plays for the video. The price is $750. When 3 or more players from the same team request this option the price per player drops to $600.

For additional information regarding the two type of Player Profile Videos that CSV offers, please review the Player Profile Video section in our website.

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